Limits Monitoring

The Centerprise EP Limits Monitoring module allows your risk management team to monitor hard and soft limits imposed by external regulators, fund prospectuses, and internal policies, with automated alerts and a robust daily workflow for responding to warning and breach events.

Key features:

  • Full-featured user interface for defining and maintaining limits, within multiple custom classifications (e.g., regulatory, prospectus, internal hard limit, internal advisory limit)
  • Support for multiple warning levels in addition to hard breach level
  • Ability to specify simple or expression-based breach conditions
  • Full control over severity levels, alert conditions, and alert recipients by limit
  • Support for daily workflow including breach acknowledgement and causal analysis, documenting and closing of false positives, and authorization of limit extensions and/or deferrals of alerts
  • Full tracking of current and historical breach events, alerts, and actions
  • Audit trail of all changes made to limits