Centerprise EP - Engineered to run your investment management enterprise

The Centerprise EP platform is an integrated firm-wide solution designed specifically for the investment management industry. Centerprise EP spans order and execution management, real time and historic P&L reporting, performance attribution, market risk, credit risk, compliance, commissions and related functions to provide a seamless business solution.

Integrated from the ground up yet also customizable for each client, Centerprise EP is ideally suited to running both a start-up fund as well as the largest investment firm. All functional and departmental views are derived from a common data source, with seamless transitions from real-time to historic reporting, integrated from front to back and top to bottom, thereby reducing both operating costs and operational risk.

Feature Highlights:

  • Order and execution management with seamless integration to performance, accounting, and back-office views
  • Real-time daily and period P&Ls, position quantities and risk measures updated the moment your trades are filled. No need to wait for back office batch processes.
  • Broad support of market and liquidity risk measures, including exposures, volatilities, betas, Monte Carlo value-at-risk, and stress testing
  • Real-time trade-level performance attribution reporting that reconciles with full back office accounting P&L
  • Integrated commission and unbundled research advisory attribution reporting
  • Full multi-currency support
  • User-definable position classification structures for analyzing or managing trading multiple simultaneous strategies
  • Highly flexible dashboards and customizable views, charts and graphs, with extensive drill down capabilities
  • Prime broker and ISDA counterparty reporting
  • Supports complex fund and legal structures. Includes multi-firm support