Centerprise Services

Who Are We?

We are a software and services company, focused for over 20 years on providing modular yet integrated solutions for the investment management and banking industries. Our applications run very large funds to small start up funds, while, in the banking sector, we provide Governance, Risk, and Compliance applications used by thousands of users in large banks.

On the investment management side, we are particularly well-suited to firms whose management team are looking for a single, cost efficient, integrated solution to run and report on all key aspects of their enterprise , whether their fund is just starting out or already at multi-billion dollar, multi-PB scale.

In banking, we have proven experience in implementing large-scale governance, risk, and compliance solutions, while providing timely and attentive support through our professional services team.

What Do We Offer?

The Centerprise EP platform offers a unique level of integration across the functional domains of an investment management enterprise. Centerprise EP integrates order management, real-time P&L, market risk, performance attribution, compliance, commissions, investor services and related functions in a single, modular, and highly flexible solution. Users from all areas of the firm – trading, investing, risk management, ops, compliance, and investor relations – can perform their functions and view information via the same system, yet configure their presentation how they want to see it, simplifying infrastructure and lowering operational risk.

In the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) sector, our flagship Enterprise OpRiskCenter (ORC) solution is a modular yet highly integrated platform so that cross-domain and enterprise-wide operational risk data can be analyzed holistically, while meeting the needs of various national and international regulatory regimes (in particular, Basel II AMA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)). The application itself was architected as an n-tier web-based solution to allow for seamless integration into a firm's existing data and application ecosystem.

Among the modules provided in the ORC solution are:

  • Loss Event Management, which supports all elements of loss event capture, analysis and reporting.
  • Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA), which provides complete support for the design, execution and management of the self-assessment process. Program administrators can develop RCSA programs containing the inventory of business risks and mitigating controls, and assign roles and responsibilities for assessment surveys.
  • Issue & Action Plan Tracking, which may be used independently as well as in conjunction with the other modules. This module supports enterprise-wide capture and management of issues and associated action plans, milestones and deliverables. Issues may be associated with self-assessments, SOX control testing results, loss events or other data records.
  • Key Risk & Performance Indicators, which is designed to serve the full range of risk and performance metrics.
  • Risk Profiling, which allows for reporting across the various modules and data dimensions, with additional risk analysis and commentary if desired.

Since its release in 2002, a number of large banking organizations have adopted Centerprise's Enterprise OpRiskCenter solution, which at one point was the most widely-used vendor solution for a fully-integrated, enterprise-wide operational risk platform among the top 10 US banks.

How Do We Work?

Since every client has their own context, needs and priorities, we work carefully with you to tailor both our application and the professional services around your requirements. We offer traditional commercial software licenses for our products as well as fully-managed hosted options with our hosting partners.

Implementing true enterprise solutions that work daily "in the real world" requires not just software engineering skills but deep domain expertise. All of our most senior and experienced team members are customer facing. More often than not, this means the professional services lead working with you will have development / enhancement oversight as well and understands the issue front to back.