Professional Services

The Challenge

Centerprise Services offers consulting services related to the assessment, design, project management, and implementation of our solutions. We strive to fit the style of engagement to your objectives, needs, and priorities. Our expertise spans a wide range deployment models, from implementation services related to traditional software licensing to more service-level agreements associated with outsourcing or software as a service (SaaS) business models. While our service offerings focus on project management services related to implementation, they also include advisory and assessment services pertaining to risk management, enterprise management advisory, and workflow design and implementation.

We pride ourselves on successfully having implemented true enterprise solutions ranging from very broad enterprise system engagements for funds to Governance, Risk, and Compliance engagements at the very largest banks involving thousands of users. Our success, we feel, is the product of carefully combining well engineered software with extensive domain and implementation experience. Indeed, we believe that success absolutely depends on having both, plus a passion to succeed on delivering value for our clients.

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