• Who Are We?

    We are a software and services company, focused for over
    20 years on providing modular yet integrated solutions for
    the investment management and banking industries.
    Our applications run very large funds to small
    start up funds, while, in the banking sector, we provide
    governance, risk and compliance applications used by
    thousands of users in large banks.

  • What Do We Offer?

    The Centerprise EP platform offers a unique level of integration across the functional domains
    of an investment management enterprise. Centerprise EP integrates order management, real-time P&L,
    market risk, performance attribution, compliance, commissions, investor services and
    related functions in a single, modular, and highly flexible solution.

    Users from all areas of the firm – trading, investing, risk management, ops, compliance, and
    investor relations – can perform their functions and view information via the same system, yet configure
    their presentation how they want to see it, simplifying infrastructure and lowering operational risk.

  • How Do We Work?

    Since every client has their own context, needs and priorities, we work carefully with you to tailor both our application
    and the professional services around your requirements. We offer traditional commercial software licenses for our products
    as well as fully-managed hosted options with our hosting partners.